Betsy Manliwos |
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Betsy Manliwos

Provincial Disaster Officer


In trying to deal with the two emergencies we faced, the momentum of community awareness had to increase significantly as the people found it hard to cope with the hygiene practices and this meant that the team and I had to be on the ground conducting these awareness sessions.  Because of a lack of funds, these awareness sessions could not continue as most of the islands around Torba are scattered.

“As a humanitarian to this recent emergency response and as the officer in charge on the ground, it is my responsibility to ensure that everyone in my community is safe and secure during response time.  This has not been an easy task”


Despite these challenges, I can see a huge change in my community.  The people are now adapting to these hygiene practices and as a result, their standard of health is now improving.  The communities involvement has increased their strength and adaptation to improving their livelihoods.