Doris Tulifau |
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Doris Tulifau



Doris Tulifau is the founder of Brown Girl Woke, a community organization supporting vulnerable families in Samoa. The organization runs a range of programmes, including providing groceries for elderly, disabled and otherwise vulnerable families; teaching girls about their menstrual cycle and how to produce reusable period pads, and delivering diapers to families struggling to meet their day to day needs in the new economic reality created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The hardest thing is not helping more”

“A lot of the families we help refer us to other families they know need help. But because our funding is based on donations, we only have enough to help 30 families every month.”


As Samoan communities struggle to adapt to the socio-economic impact of COVID-19, their needs for support are changing. Doris explains that Brown Girl Woke tries to help people find jobs, so that they do not remain reliant on donations. “We have added helping with CVs and how to apply with jobs to our projects”, she says.


To increase its impact, Brown Girl Woke has developed a range of partnerships with private companies in Samoa, which donate funds or goods that the team them distributes to families in need of support.

“We made sure to have local businesses be part of the work”

“I think it is just about planting the seed in someone that it is going to take all of us from the island to help each other. We are really working together, not just giving.”