Halitesh Datt |
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Halitesh Datt

Communications Specialist


Before COVID-19 hit Fiji, I was already learning about the different information on how to communicate it to the community. This has helped me a lot when I joined the Communications Team at the Incident Management Team with the Ministry of Health.

“Our work was very important as we were tasked to come up with the simplest yet robust way of communications to the people of Fiji”

During this operations, we were also hit with a Category Four Tropical Cyclone Harold where one of our team member who is from the National Disaster Management Office have to go back and manage the NDMO Communications Unit. This was a very challenging time for all of us in trying to make sure that first responders and all relevant stakeholders are also safe and adhering to the advisory on the two events (COVID-19 and TC Harold).


This two events got the best out of us especially on our creativity and how we have to make sure that the general public are practicing the protocols of COVID 19.


The other challenge that I faced was misinformation and fake news about COVID-19 and as I said COVID-19 was something new that world was coming to terms with and with that came a lot of fake news and superstitious beliefs.

“I see that my work is really important to cause behavioral changes in the community and which leads to good decision making towards response” 

I was fortunate to be part of the IMT Communications team during the COVID-19 operations.