Henry Jackson |
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Henry Jackson

Logistics Support Officer


During Tropical Cyclone Harold, I was deployed to Pentecost Island for 2 months to carry out post-disaster assessments and distribute relief supplies in the different villages. I looked after logistics for the Provincial Emergency Operation Centre. My role also included looking after the training of volunteers on how to complete assessment forms and organizing distribution.


In implementing this work, I did of course experience some challenges.  Because of bad weather, the road conditions were poor which resulted in transportation costs being very high.  Trying to analyze data within a certain timeframe was also a challenge as some villages were not accessible by road.

Despite these challenges,

“I believe that my work made a positive impact especially through the distribution non-food items such as tarpaulin and shelter tool kits”  

Before TC Harold and COVID-19, these items would be lent to community groups to allow them to use for agricultural planning and start farming.Most of the communities did not have these items until the Red Cross provided it for use beyond the relief period. Now each household has access to shelter, which is a useful.