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Jim Tabi

Provincial Planner


Jim Tabi, is a planner in the Shefa Province in Port Villa, Vanuatu. Tropical Cyclone Harold, a CAT 4 system, destroyed many houses in the community where he is working as a planner, which was already vulnerable due to COVID-19. As a result of which people not only lost jobs, but now had to go through hunger, deprivation, vulnerability, unsafe and damaged housing due to adverse effects of the cyclone.


Jim states “We supported the local communities affected by TC Harold and COVID-19 through community association”. The community association was established in 2010 by Jim and his team members to support and alleviate the community through various developmental activities and to raise and be the voice for the community in different developmental planning happening in the province and community.


The affected and vulnerable community were having difficult time to feed their families, as produce were destroyed in the cyclone.


Jim with the support from the community association decided to assist their community by raising funds, so that they could purchase relief materials to be distributed to the affected.

The affected families were given planting materials, tools and food supplies, so that they could cope with the devastating situation at least not having to worry about food. Despite facing difficulties due to the situation in their own families, the community association members worked together to alleviate their vulnerable community families. He appreciated their gesture and added “My work improved the community livelihood and build capacity in realizing the importance of working corporation”.


Jim, is still working tirelessly to support the community, he has addressed some project proposals for the community, and is having difficult times raising funds to implement them.

He believes in the community association and is hopeful to support his vulnerable community in difficult times.