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Laisiasa Corerega

Technical Advisor


In regards to the TC Harold response, I led the Fiji Disable Poeples Federation team to coordinate the scoping exercise, distribution of seedlings, farming tools, integrated needs and sanitary kits to our persons with disability in both Tailevu South and also Tailevu North.

Working with disabilities is always a challenge but my passion for this work has allowed me to push beyond boundaries. 

For COVID 19 we conducted survey in Vutia, Rewa and also I Naluwai, Naitasiri. Our members undertook a COVID-19 awareness and I was also taught by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services to be recommended for the WASH health messaging. I was able to take this training to both Rewa and Naitasiri.


One of the biggest challenge I faced was the lockdown during the COVID-19 where we were not able to reach our members who are living outside the lockdown areas. Most of our members outside the boarders were not able to access our services but thanks to our partners from the Fiji Council of Social Services through their District Council of Social Services who were very instrumental in reaching our members on the ground.


They distributed food items and non-food items to our members during for COVID-19 and also TC Harold responses.

 “We managed to purchase most of our safety and protection gears through of donor partners who made our work more effective towards the community”