Sabrina Brown |
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Sabrina Brown

CEO - Vanuatu Young Women for Change


Over in Vanuatu, Sabrina Brown is the CEO of Vanuatu Young Women for Change. She explains: “our members are living on the edge. We want to feed our children; we want our members to be able to purchase sanitary pads when they need it. We want our members and their families to be eat a daily balanced diet. We want them to have a mask available to wear when they need it.”

“You have to shift the power to others around you to leave no one behind”

Sabrina’s organization empowers young female leaders in their roles and decision-making when it comes to disaster coordination, creating spaces where stories can be shared from both the community level in Vanuatu and from women leaders across the Pacific.


Shifting the Power Coalition is a feminist network of humanitarian organizations in the Pacific region, committed to promoting women’s leadership and inclusion of disabled people in humanitarian action. Since 2016, the Coalition has brought together 13 organizations across six countries to ensure that women take their rightful place at the head of emergency responses, and that the needs of women, girls and vulnerable members of the communities are at the heart of these responses. The work of the Coalition is supported by a network of national focal points. Find out more about the Shifting the Power Coalition via Official Website or follow Facebook Page