Shenthel Ann Makonavai Soaki |
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Shenthel Ann Makonavai Soaki


Solomon Islands

I am a volunteer of the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society. With daily engagement within the Society, as well as the covid-19 preparedness under the Red Cross banner. An integral part of this was being part of a pool of volunteers that participated in the national mock “aelan lokdown eksesaes (Island Lockdown Exercise)” this was part of Solomon Islands preparedness strategy for the pandemic.

“Being part of the simulation was a great experience as experiencing firsthand the highlights and shortfalls our country needs to be aware of and be prepared assertively”.

Being a volunteer there are daily challenges, predominately communication is a challenge that we will need to create more awareness on. Communication during a respond is vital, the Red Cross EOC team created a communication protocol and was activated during the mock lockdown.


Having being part of the COVID-19 preparedness team has enabled me to share awareness to my community. Building capacity around COVID-19 measures such as social distancing, hygiene and sanitation benefitted the communities as this awareness, made a difference in their well-being and preparedness. The measures had been adhered to well by the communities we serve, as this was practiced in their daily routines despite Solomon Islands being a COVID-19 free country.